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About Us:

 Three Hats Coffee is a family-owned business that provides fresh roasted, ethically sourced, specialty coffee. We procure some of the finest specialty grade Arabica beans and roast them on the day of order. The end result is an amazing cup of coffee that honors all of the hard work that goes into bringing you your morning ritual.
Our Name: 
Any start-up will know that in the beginning of launching your business, you’re going to have to wear multiple hats in order to make your dream become a reality. Our company, started from our garage with a small Behmor, began in a similar fashion. “Three Hats” is a commemoration to those that embody the will to keep going and have full conviction in their beliefs, even when things aren’t perfect. Go getting is heavily woven into the DNA of our company. From the onset of this venture, our intent was to continually strive to be our best within our field and to our community.
Our Community
Our community is the engine that makes our company go. Whether we’re communicating digitally or face-to-face at the farmers market, we want to show our gratitude by giving you the best product we can, while making sure each customer and person we engage with knows they are important and welcomed.