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Auto Drip

An automatic drip coffee maker (automatic drip coffeemaker) is a coffee brewing device that employs the filter-drip method of coffee brewing. Water is placed into the automatic drip machine which then heats the water and drains it onto a bed of roasted, ground coffee. 

What You Will Need

Brew Ratio






2 People
20 oz

4 Cup Mark
600 g

7 Tbs
40 g


~4 min

4 People
30 oz

6 Cup Mark
900 g

10 Tbs
60 g


~5 min

6 People
40 oz

8 Cup Mark
1200 g

14 Tbs
80 g


~6 min

  • Pour cold water in the reservoir to the desired level based on the number of cups you'd like. We'll be brewing a full pot for this guide and pouring in 8 cups of cold water.
  • Using a scale, place a small vessel on top, then tare before adding the whole beans. For the full pot recipe, we'll be measuring out 80 grams of coffee.
  • Pour the measured whole beans into the grinder. Grind to medium size.
  • Place the paper filter in the brew basket. Optional: quickly rinse off any paper taste by pouring warm water over the filter. Don't forget to empty the carafe below before moving on.
  • Pour the ground coffee into the filter basket. Gently shake to even the coffee placement in the filter basket.
  • Move the carafe under the shower head and press on.
  • Let the coffee machine work its magic. When the brew cycle is complete, grab your favorite mug and enjoy! The coffee will stay toasty for about 1 to 2 hours.

Brew Tip: To avoid mold, periodically deep clean your brewer.