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Moka Pot

The magic behind the Moka Pot is in its brew method. The pot is divided into three chambers: one for water, one for grounds and one for the final product. The pot is placed on your stove, and the bottom is filled with hot water. You’ll typically find them crafted from aluminum or stainless steel because they must be placed on your range-top stove to brew – flame or no flame.

Grind Size: Medium – Fine

Dose: Fill basket to the top


What You Will Need: 

 Brewing Instructions:

  • For the purpose of this guide, we’re going to brew with a 2-Cup Moka Pot.
  • Grind enough coffee to fill the coffee basket all the way up medium-fine setting. Take your finger and level the grounds with it. Do not tamp the grounds.
  • Fill the water chamber with boiling water up to the very bottom of the release valve. Do not cover the valve, or it won’t work in case of a pressure emergency.
  • Place a damp kitchen towel in the freezer.
  • Assemble the Moka Pot, making sure no grounds are on the ridges where the pieces screw together. Rogue grounds stuck here will prevent a full seal, which will damage flavor and balance.
  • Set it on your stove and turn it on to medium-low heat. If you can, place it on the edge of the burner to avoid the handle getting too hot.
  • Start a timer and relax. It could take 5-10 minutes before anything happens. If nothing happens after 10 minutes, turn up the heat slightly.
  • Eventually, coffee should start oozing into the upper chamber. This means the pressure is working and that the coffee is brewing. If it’s spurting and spewing, the heat is too high.
  • When the coffee is about 80% of the way up to the spout (or it looks like golden honey), take it off the burner and put it directly onto the cold towel. Cooling the pot rapidly helps keep over extracted, bitter liquid from funneling to your coffee.
  • Pour and serve immediately. Enjoy!