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Pour Over Brew Guide

The Hario V60 is a fantastic brew method. It allows the subtle flavours to shine through and is easy to use. Further, the barrier of entry is low for great tasting coffee. It provides a solid base for experimentation to find your preferred ratio. It’s also practical - being very quick to clean as well as being mobile to fit in your bag and take with you wherever you go.

Grind Size:Drip – Fine

Dose: 25-28 grams

Water: 390 grams 205° F

What You Will Need:

  • Three Hats Coffee
  • Hario v60
  • Filters
  • Burr Grinder
  • Pouring Kettle
  • Digital Scale
  • Timer

Brewing Instructions:

  • Put a filter in the V60 cone, and place on top of a server.
  • Fill pouring kettle with hot water and rinse filter until you feel heat on the outside of the cone, discard water from both.
  • Weigh coffee to desired strength (25-28 grams) and grind.
  • Place the V60 with server on a scale. Add coffee, shake to level the coffee bed, zero the scale, and fill the pouring kettle with hot water.
  • Start timer and your pour at the same time.
  • Pouring will be split into six separate pours of 65g of water in 15 seconds*, and allowing to drain for 15 seconds in between each pour.
  • Start each pour in the center, work your way out and then back to the center, in concentric circles.
  • Coffee should finish draining around 3:30. Remove the V60. Serve.


When pouring, you should look for dark spots on the surface of the slurry. Target your pour to submerge these spots which will ensure that all the coffee in the cone is saturated.